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UK Newswire Archive

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Action Stations! Planning direct action

05-01-2011 18:52

This article explains some of the things to think about when planning an action. It's been written for smaller affinity group actions, rather than for mass street mobilisations. It is not intended to be a comprehensive guide that has to be strictly followed, but more a list of things that might need to be sorted out for an action to happen successfully. Remember, in the best tradition of transferable skills and multitasking, many of the ideas mentioned here could be used in other areas of subversive activity. Eco-bank robbers anyone?

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Students Against Cuts defends the HSBC 3

05-01-2011 18:46

On 30th December 2010, Students Against Cuts held a protest to defend the HSBC 3, three political activists who were unreasonably arrested for peacefully protesting outside a branch of HSBC bank at our last demonstration on 18th December.

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Ian Tomlinson Inquest To Commence on 28 March

05-01-2011 18:22

Following a pre-inquest hearing on 21 December, the date for the inquest into the death of Ian Tomlinson during the G20 protests in 2009 has now been set. It will commence on Monday 28 March 2011 and is expected to last for of 5-6 weeks.

The inquest will be conducted by the Chief Coroner, Judge Peter Thornton QC, who replaces the City of London Coroner Paul Matthews. Hearings will take place at the International Dispute Resolution Centre at 70 Fleet Street, London, EC4Y 1EU.

Further information on the inquest is available on the City of London Corporation's website.

 Regular updates from the Family Campaign will be posted on the 'Inquest' section of this site here.

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Oxford climate activists sentenced - Ratcliffe

05-01-2011 17:34

Today 18 of the 20 activists, several of them from in or around Oxford, found guilty of conspiring to commit aggregated trespass in order to shut down Ratcliffe on Soar power station were sentenced.

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Clegg visiting Sheffield 5 January 2011

05-01-2011 17:29

Nick Clegg is visiting Sheffield Town Hall

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Royal Park School: Squatters to Leaseholders

05-01-2011 17:27

On Wednesday 5th of Jan the council had a meeting to decide the fate of Royal Park School.  With three bidders aiming to take control of the building the council agreed to lease School to the community group Royal Park Community Consortium (RPCC).  This is marks the end of a 6 year community campaign where at one point the community squatted the building in 2009.  The group started as 6/7 people writing letters but since the building was squatted RPCC now has over 300 members and 10 people on the management committee,  RPCC came on "light years" since squatting the building and admit that it was this event that made the lease possible.

See inital article when the building was squatted, the eviction, a video about the campaign.

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Bristol - Save EMA, Walkout and Protest

05-01-2011 17:24

The condems are continuing their assualt on the workers, on the vulnerable and on education.
Currently they plan on scrapping EMA - We don't plan on letting it happen! Fight all the cuts!

Assemble 11am on tuesday the 11th at the fountains.
Currently they have EMA in their sights - a smallamount (around £30 a week) given to children from poorer backgrounds to help them stay on for sixthform/college. In some cases this makes the difference between being able to afford the nessacary expenses of an education or having to forfit it and go straigt into work, yet another attempt to keep education for societies 'elite'.

The vote on tuition fees passed, but thanks to our protests, almost didn't and cost the government half their majority, 3 resignaitons and their lowest approval so far. Scrapping EMA is even more controversial than scrapping tuition fees - we can stop this happening, all we have to do is make some noise and show that we care.

Assemble with us at 11am by the fountains, and show this government that Bristol will not be silent when the rich threaten our education.

Details tbc, so please post any suggestions!

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Urgent: Clegg visits Sheffield 6 30 today

05-01-2011 17:18

I have it on good authority that Nick Clegg will be visiting Sheffield town hall at 6 30 today. Spread the word and help organise a flash protest!!!

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Judge sentences 18 of Ratcliffe defendants

05-01-2011 17:01

At 2pm today, 18 of the 20 defendants were sentenced after being found guilty of conspiracy to commit aggravated trespass in December. The judge addressed each defendant individually, commenting on their previous convictions and the strength of their character, before passing their sentences. The judge spoke broadly about the defendants’ qualities as a whole – commending them for their references, which repeatedly described them as ‘honest’, ‘dedicated’, ‘committed’, ‘intelligent’ and ‘caring’.

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Daily fail's take on prison riot

05-01-2011 16:36

A Daily Mail article published today exposes the shocking and immoral lifestyle of prison boss Sharon Williams. [spoiler - she's a blonde lesbian]

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Ian Tomlinson Inquest To Commence on 28 March

05-01-2011 16:22

Update for Bristol Class War and friends.
Following a pre-inquest hearing on 21 December, the date for the inquest into the death of Ian Tomlinson during the G20 protests in 2009 has now been set. It will commence on Monday 28 March 2011 and is expected to last for of 5-6 weeks
The inquest will be conducted by the Chief Coroner, Judge Peter Thornton QC, who replaces the City of London Coroner Paul Matthews. Hearings will take place at the International Dispute Resolution Centre at 70 Fleet Street, London, EC4Y 1EU.

Further information on the inquest is available on the City of London Corporation's website:

Regular updates from the Family Campaign will be posted on the 'Inquest' section of

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Royal wedding details

05-01-2011 14:37

Details of Royal Family Inc's latest publicity junket. I'm sure the activist community will want to make sure the happy couple remember their special day.

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National Day of Protest Against Benefit Cuts: Day 2 - call for local actions

05-01-2011 13:33

Please contact us if you're organising an event in your area to be added to have it added to the website, fb page etc - notowelfarecuts (at)

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Palestine Memorial Week 2011 – Bristol Events – So Far

05-01-2011 13:22

Palestine Memorial Week 2011 – Bristol Events – So Far
14th January – 7.30pm Public Meeting On Palestine – United Reform Church, Whiteladies Road, Redland, Bristol. Organised by Bristol Amnesty Groupcarlos latuff

15th January – 1.00pm to 3.00pm then 4.00pm to 6.00pm Boycott Israeli Goods Action – Leafleting Open Air Film Show.

15th January 7.30pm – EAPPI PUBLIC MEETING: Eye Witness Stories from Israel-Palestine at Trinity-Henleaze United Reformed Church, in the Bradbury Hall, Waterford Rd, Bristol

18th January - Occasional Cinema – Open Air Showing of ‘To Shoot an Elephant’ Meeting In The Bear Pit from 5pm – For film and discussion

22nd-BAAT 1pm till 3pm Rolling Picket Of High Street Investors In The Arms Trade (as the decommissioners aqcuittal proved last year the British arms trade is complicit in war crimes in Palestine). The banks that finance them are also complicit.

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Sizewell blockaders again walk free from court / case dismissed

05-01-2011 11:05

Sizewell blockade - Feb 2010 (Credit: M. Harrison)
Anti-nuclear campaigners again walk free from court / case dismissed

Two anti nuclear campaigners, Andreas Speck (46) from London and Ian Mills (45) from Chippenham, who appeared at Lowestoft Magistrates Court today (4 January) on charges of "failing to leave land" (S69(3)(a) CJPOA 1994) when they blockaded Sizewell nuclear power station in Suffolk on 22 February 2010 [1] walked free after the case was dismissed when the prosecution did not offer any evidence.

Report on the original action (Feb 2010):

Local Democracy Dumped! - Sizewell nuclear plant blockaded again

Press Release (Tuesday 4 January 2011):

See also:

Activists 2 - EDF 0

Sizewell: Protesters walk free after CPS error

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Occupations Of Banks

05-01-2011 10:53

Greek Banks across the country have been occupied by their emploees.

Here's a crap translation via the internet - can someone who speaks Greek do a better job, please?

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Edinburgh - Police action following recent anti-cuts protests

05-01-2011 08:22

Since the anti-cuts protests in November and December several people in Edinburgh have been contacted by police about possible crimes. They have been approached either at home or on the street, and asked to go to voluntary interviews at St Leonards Police Station.

read more

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WikiLeaks and Whaling: Paul Watson Interview

05-01-2011 01:59

A live interview with Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Captain Paul Watson, on the bridge of the "Stephen Irwin," in the Southern Sea between New Zealand and Antarctica. SSCS is blocking the harpoons of Japanese whalers -- on the occasion of WikiLeaks' revelation of a 9 Nov 2009 State Department cable collaborating with Japanese fisheries and urging revocation of Sea Shepherd's tax-exemption.


WikiLeaks cable(s) on US and multinational oil interests in Nigeria, and indigineous suppression, including a "Making Contact" documentary on Nigeria from the national Radio Project.

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Obama’s reign of terror in Afghanistan

05-01-2011 01:53

2010 was the bloodiest year of the now nine-year conflict in Afghanistan and the tribal border regions of Pakistan. Under the command of General David Petraeus, a massively expanded US and NATO force is waging a campaign of extermination against various ethnic Pashtun and Taliban-linked insurgent movements that have not accepted the foreign invasion of their country.

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Prisoner support letter-writing night

05-01-2011 00:22

simple yet practical solidarity
Bristol ABC returns with its monthly letter-writing session to political prisoners. We hope to use a number of venues around Bristol this year, but for the first one we return to Kebele.

Wednesday 12 January, 7 to 9pm at Kebele social centre, 14 Robertson Road, Bristol BS5 6JY
We'll have our latest list of UK and international prisoners along with info on how to support prisoners in various ways, and details of other related campaigns. Come along to find out more, and to send cards and letters to prisoners. We've got the info, pens and paper, you do the rest. Hot dricks are available cheaply, bring snacks and cake to share.

Letters are a simple and practical way of supporting prisoners and helping them know that people are aware of their case and situation. It can be a one-off solidarity message, or the beginning of a long correspondence that both you and they can benefit from. If you've not tried it, come along and give it a go. Remember they are inside for us and we are outside for them.

It is likely that increasing struggles over the next year will see a further clampdown on protest and dissent by the ConDem Coalition. Well over 200 people were arrested at student protests around the country in late 2010, and some of these may go to prison. We need to ensure that protesters sent to jail know they are not abandoned by the wider movement. Solidarity is the key.

Bristol ABC
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