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UK Newswire Archive

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Protest Tonight 8pm, Stoke Newington Police Station

30-11-2011 16:34

Solidarity demo tonight after 30 arrested in Dalston.

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Building housing Britain's highest paid CEO is raided.

30-11-2011 16:26

#OccupyLSX had announced an action at 3pm at Piccadilly Circus. They set off with the samba band and minutes later a flare was set off inside Panton House, Haymarket, whilst a banner was hung from the roof. Outside protestors challenged some plainclothes cops in the crowd, after which a 'bubble' or kettle was set up, apparently with more plain clothes cops trapped inside it.

See report from Occupy SLX below.

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1000 march in Swindon!

30-11-2011 15:59

The march
A brief report of the march for pension justice in Swindon

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Swansea now occupied!

30-11-2011 15:26

setting up camp
Occupy Swansea has now set up camp in Castle Square

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Syria: The orwellian "Responsibility to Protect" used to justify all out war

30-11-2011 15:06

The concept of “Responsibility to Protect” (R2P) essentially posits that a country’s independence is not a right and can be taken away by the international community when the need arises. The international community under the R2P paradigm has the responsibility to intervene in any independent country in order to protect that country’s citizens.

The Syrian Arab Republic now faces the “Responsibility to Protect” (R2P) as a threat. R2P is being prepped to be wielded as a weapon by Washington and NATO. It is a neo-imperialist device under the cover of sheep’s skin that appropriates the language of humanitarianism. The plan is to oust President Bashar Al-Assad from power and install a new client government in Damascus.

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What’s next in Calais?: UK infotour

30-11-2011 15:02

There will be two info tours in the UK over the coming month: one series of talks in the North and two talks in London. We will provide an update on the current situation with No Borders in Calais and discussion about the future of the project.

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Huge Turnout For N30 Rally In Bristol

30-11-2011 14:55

Bristol sees huge turnout for N30 rally.
Reports are that over 20,000 have turned out to the Bristol strike demo (source twitter) - the images of the demo do show huge numbers! (Image from BADACA, twitpic)  Bristol Indymedia is following events on the site and via our tiwtter account (@bindymedia) - we're using the hashtag #n30bristol (twitter link).

Related News: University of the West of England Cracks Down on Student Democracy | Not stupid, not wrong, just angry. All out on strike | A message for the Chancellor on N30 | N30 Video: Hear the truth ( |

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St. Andrews N30

30-11-2011 14:42

Demonstrators listen to speeches
As pickets were out across Fife the student town of St. Andrews showed solidarity with a well attended demonstration arranged by the UCU and the Students Association

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Massive Public Sector Strike, But How Could We Win?

30-11-2011 14:27

Around the UK, an estimated two million public sector workers are striking for a day against pension cuts which would make them work longer, contribute more and receive less when they eventually retire. The strikes are both entirely justified and a great illustration of working class power, yet industrial action must be greatly expanded if the ruling class attacks are to be overturned.

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Royal Holloway Occupied

30-11-2011 13:37

Students Occupy Senior Management Corridor

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New Anti-EDL Poster Exposes Groups Nazi Face...

30-11-2011 13:23

New Anti-EDL Poster Exposes Groups Nazi Face
Portsmouth Nazi Watch launches new poster campaign...

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All Power to 99% bridge banner drop pics #n30

30-11-2011 12:55

After starting at Liverpool street station the 'shut down the city' protest toured several picket lines, marching through the streets and meeting up with some of the sparks.

At around 10am the "All Power To The 99%" banner was hung off the Millennium bridge over the river, in between the tate and occupylsx at St Paul's

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Pics: Shut the City + #Sparks #OccupyN30 Strike

30-11-2011 12:55

This morning starting at 7am people gathered at Liverpool st station for the Shut Down the City protest. Complete with a samba band and a massive banner reading All Power ToThe 99%" they set of at around 7.45am, taking the streets marching through the city to the Bank of England. Police repeatedly tried pushing people out of the road, but people just kept on marching. 

They eventualy met up with the group of sparks and the electricians supporters at Southwark bridge, with big cheers and shouts of "General Strike!". There was a picket outside the Health and Safety Executive offices and announcements of support from NUJ union at the offices of the Financial Times building opposite. Next up on the picket tour was a Unison line at the London Councils before moving off to Guys hospital next to the shard construction site, and on the the PCS picket at the Tate, before dropping the massive banner of the Millenium Bridge. Loads of support from passing cars etc

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Strike! N30

30-11-2011 12:55

Public sector workers meeting up at Windrush Square this morning before heading off to the main N30 strike at Victoria Embankment.

More pictures to follow

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N30 Strike: Oldham this morning

30-11-2011 12:55

None of the council or government buildings were closed today, but all were running with drastically reduced staff and most had pickets outside.

There were pickets outside Henshaw House (local council offices) near the bus station, Oldham County Court, the council car park at Queen Elizabeth Hall, and the central library. The county court stayed open, as it has done during previous industrial disputes, because the judges had turned up to run hearings. Also the security staff and court ushers, although they are members of PCS, are not in a public pension scheme as they are employed by Mitie, a private company.

At the job centre, the person on the desk told me that 120 out of 150 staff were on strike. Like the county court, their security staff are employed by a private company, in this case G4S, so they were not taking part in the strike.

At the library, only the management had turned in. All the ordinary staff, members of GMB, were on strike.

Longer report and more pictures at


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Riot police outside now

30-11-2011 11:44

Police repression as part of n30 policing.

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Cardiff: Evade? Avoid? Invade!

30-11-2011 10:06

Report from the Great Cardiff Tax Invasion.

Reposted from Radical Wales website:

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Contact details for the corporation of London - Give them hell!

30-11-2011 09:35

The unelected local government of the City of London are the defenders of the capitalist elite - the corporations and banks which are wrecking the world and destroying peoples lives. They are also planning to evict an anti-capitalist camp for the "crime" of exposing just how corrupt and evil the international banking and finance system is!

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Strike: All power to the 99%

30-11-2011 08:55

Strikes and Pickets started early this morning at their workplaces. In City of London there has been a banner drop in Liverpool street station stating "All power to the 99%", accompanied by a band and the Electricians have started picketing their work places. Dave Prentis of UNISON said earlier that it..."should be the richest people (bankers) not the poorest workers bailing out the economy" which sums up the anger felt today in schools, college, Universities and all public workers across the country. The biggest strike held in the UK for decades means that 2.5 million are on strike along with 200,000 workers in Northern Ireland and 300,000 in Scotland.

Useful info: Red Peppers' Mythbuster: The truth about the unions
Locations of pickets across London on N30 Strike  site

More to come as we interview and document the London end of the strike.

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