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UK Newswire Archive

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Photos from protest outside Edinburgh Lloyds TSB

31-01-2009 23:04

There was a small but lively demonstration outside Lloyds TSB main branch in Edinburgh.

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A better translation of the recent Icelandic anarchist communique!

31-01-2009 21:26

Natoinal Theatre 21 Jan
The Icelandic Government has collapsed and some people talk about a revolution. In a way it is true. Ordinary people overthrew this neoliberal government by writing articles, holding speeches, noise demonstrations, bonfires, car horns, direct action, civil disobedience and minor sabotage.

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Animal Liberation Front Mexico

31-01-2009 20:24

Chickens rescued
The industries and individuals responsible for the exploitation of animals in México City and surrounding areas ought to watch their backs and their business. The Frente de Liberación ole México (FLAM) shows no signs of slowing its deliverance streak.

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A 'Racist' Strike?

31-01-2009 19:24

Hundreds walk out of their workplace. On the second day the strike spreads, pulling up to a thousand workers out on secondary action across sites in Northern England and Scotland - much of it illegal under the anti-trade union laws Labour has, to its eternal shame, left on the statute books. In short, an outbreak of the very 'spontaneous' actions of our class that would normally excite the left in this country.

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Is Recent Jailing of Anti-HLS Activists a Call to Action?

31-01-2009 19:14

Is Recent Jailing of Anti-HLS Activists a Call to Action?

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Barclays Demos in Birmingham

31-01-2009 18:37

Yesturday SHACtivists in Birmingham held protests against 2 branches of Barclays Bank in the city centre, these protests were done in co--ordination with Italian activists launching their campaign against Barclays across Italy. Barclays Plc are currently investing in Huntingdon Death Sciences, a lab which murders 500 animals every single day of the week are experiencing regular protests in which every time they lose more and more business.

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Bayer Day of Action in Chile

31-01-2009 18:33

As part of the Day of Action against Bayer, we protested in front of their building. Workers and neighbor companies were informed about what Bayer is related to if they are customers of HLS, a shameful crime against innocent animals in the name of profit. As usual, people were shocked to see those terrible pictures in the placards.

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New School Occupation: Perspectives on the Seizure of a Building

31-01-2009 16:27

1. Anti-Democratic Reflections on the Recent New School Occupation

2. A Case Study Of Occupation as Non-Event

3. Seven Points on Occupation

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Preoccupied: The Logic of Occupation

31-01-2009 16:17

Someone stands on a table and yells, “This is now occupied.” And that’s how it begins.

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Support The EDO Decommisioners

31-01-2009 15:48

Write to Our Prisoners (see below)
Sign our Petition
Or leave a message of solidarity at

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Waterford workers occupy plant, Dublin

31-01-2009 15:17

A crisis meeting on the future of Waterford Crystal takes place in Dublin today as 100 angry workers continue to occupy the plant. The firm's receiver David Carson said that 480 of the 670 employees at the famous crystal maker in Kilbarry outside Waterford city have been made redundant.

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Stripping Palestinians of their right to self-defence

31-01-2009 12:17

The concerted move against so-called smuggling is intriguing. An illegally besieged people bring in supplies – food and arms – by any means possible. Is that smuggling?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I was under the impression that a people under siege by an illegal occupier are entitled in international law to take up arms against their oppressor.

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Collectors restrained from granting permission for jallikattu till February 13

31-01-2009 11:10

This is very cruel event for animal & public as well, OIPA & PFA Haryana welcome the stay orders on it.

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The horrors of Israel's peace

31-01-2009 10:19

What can we conclude from Israel's unilateral offer of a ceasefire? Under what conditions will it resume its brutal destruction of the Palestinian population? The terms that the Palestinians must accept, according to Israel, if they wish to avoid another brutal round of destruction are these: to remain silent under conditions of occupation; and to resist the impulse to resist the occupation.

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Public Action Against Judicial Corruption and institutional Failures

31-01-2009 09:05

Demonstration Against Judicial Corruption, Unlawful Imprisonments, Human Rights Abuses and Institutional Failures in the UK. Every Saturday commencing from 12pm – 3pm outside HMP WORMWOOD SCRUBS, DU CANE ROAD, LONDON W12 0AE.

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Free Gaza Activists Welcomed Home as Heroes, then Join Protest

31-01-2009 08:10

Donna and Darlene Wallach at a weekly Gaza demonstration in San José
After spending six months in Gaza and Cyprus working tirelessly to defy the Israeli blockade of the Palestinian territory and defend Palestinians from military attacks, two San Jose residents found upon their return that the protests that they had helped start had mushroomed a hundred-fold in response to Israel’s invasion of Gaza.

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German supreme court strengthens nuclear opponents’ rights

31-01-2009 06:43

Germany's supreme court has handed down a ruling that nuclear opponents welcome as strengthening their rights. It allows nuclear opponents to challenge nucear waste transports in court.

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Minipodcast from the third night of the occupation at Nottingham Uni

31-01-2009 03:33

Listen to the members of the occupation and their experiences of the day’s events. Including four people making their Riseup Radio debuts and more insights into the University’s feeble threats.

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The Euston Colonel Rapp demo. In Pictures.

31-01-2009 01:15

People opposing mass murder begin to assemble on Euston road.
On Thursday rumours started to circulate that Mr Geva Rapp, a very senior member of those peace loving Israeli Defence Forces (why do they have “defence” in their title when all they seem to do is attack?) was to address some sympathetic students in a very plush 'student' venue opposite Euston station.

You have to wonder exactly what what their plan was? There are literally dozens of venues all around London that are owned by sympathisers of ethnic cleansing in Palestine. So why (oh why??) did they they pick one that was about 100 yards from a venue where the swappies were having a Palestine rally and SOAS was just a few hundred yards away?!?

Whatever their 'plan' they certainly didn't discuss it with the local plods in advance....

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Guantánamo - Obama could do better

31-01-2009 00:17

Obama has yet to make any commitment to dismantle the key components of George Bush's attack on human rights

Scottish-based human rights group Scotland Against Criminalising Communities and the Scotland Stop the War Coalition are giving a cautious welcome to orders signed by President Obama today to close Guantánamo Bay and to put an end to some of the harshest interrogation techniques. But we are dismayed that Obama has so far made no commitment to permanently abandon trial by the notorious Military Commissions and that his comments during the signing ceremony indicate that some Guantanamo prisoners may continue to be held indefinitely without trial. We think Obama could do better. He needs to be a great deal firmer in dealing with the legacy that George Bush has left him.
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